Sunday 8 August 2010

Fresh New Shit - Earl Sweatshirt

So what/who should young kids new into the rap game try to sound like these days? Should they come across all bravado with their gangstas and bitches and make that cash money, or just let straight-up skills on the mic do the talking? To be honest, I don't know the answer myself, but you simply cannot fake or force talent if it ain't there already. I can only listen through my own vintage hip hop soaked ears, and much of the new stuff sounds so wack to me. But I like to think I know when something is dope or not. And this shit below by the young EARL SWEATSHIRT from the WOLF GANG is refreshing to the fullest. This is a dope but low budget video with xxx language and some fake gore, so parental discretion is advised! The beats are raw and gritty, with some confident rhymes from the youngster. I bet it has a few of you on rewind.....

Thanks to BOB DISASTER for posting this vid by EARL up on the DWG forum.

For more details on EARL SWEATSHIRT and his crew check out

Kid Dyno

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