Tuesday 10 August 2010

MC Serge - Both Sides (Demo)

The long-awaited FRESHCO interview is almost ready to hit BREAKS FOR DAYS, so please stay tuned for an interesting read no doubt. To keep you in the mood, here is a little demo joint from MC SERGE, the MC who FRESHCO beat to win the 1989 NMS title. The demo was produced by SD50s and you know that guarantees a real head nodder of a beat - have a listen and see what YOU think.


p.s.Supreme Dominion said...

Yup Dyno not much mentioned about this dude was there apart from the NMS champs. I always wondered if there was some tracks out there, so this is a welcomed treat to hear a rare gem unearthed and the production got classic stamped all over it a serious demo track indeed, is there more?.

Would've made a very nice 12" release back in the day, who knows maybe there's still time.

cheers for posting this.


Agent Finch said...

Would love to have this on vinyl, dude defo had skills, which is why it`s a shame that he never relased anythng (to my knowledge).

Thanks for posting this DynO...!!

Mr. Fresh said...

nice find dom..