Friday 22 October 2010

Hip Hop Battlefield vs Daily Diggers AF1 Kick-Off

A hip hopper ain't a true hip hopper without a fresh pair of kicks on his/her feet. Since hip hop began sneaker culture has always been an integral part of the uniform/fashion whatever you wanna call it. I even used to carry a toothbrush around with me as a kid to keep my Nike's nice and my Adidas still dazzling. My Pumas were perfect and my British Knight's were tight. You get what I'm saying...?
Recently I spotted that my man my mellow DRASAR MONUMENTAL over at HIP HOP BATTLEFIELD was gonna post up his top 5 NIKE AIR FORCE 1s. AF1s are THE hip hop sneaker of choice, and it has outsold most other NIKE branded shoes with the exception of possibly the AIR MAX range.
Personally the AF1 has been a consistent choice for my sneaker closet over the last 15 years or more, and I don't even recall how many pairs I've got in total but let's just say it's a lot. Some are still boxfresh and some are worn to near death. But I'm not a fan of these limited edition blah blah blah pairs but more a lover of simple fresh colourways.
So it was only right to take part in a "kick-off" with DRASAR as we both pull out our top 5 pairs of NIKE AIR FORCE ONEs and go head to head. All in the name of freshness.

Hip Hop Battlefield vs Daily Diggers AF1 kick-off
Monday 25th October
For all you sneaker heads!

So I'm gonna unlock sneaker storage facility #1, turn off the ice machine, and bring out the big guns ready for a joint post next Monday. Don't miss it.

Kid Dyno


The Kool Skool said...

I have seen a selection of "yourn", its over for them!!!! Hahhaha! Yo to HHB!

Agent Finch said...

Can`t wait to see the stoopid fresh kicks..!

Being a bit of a sneaker freak myself, it`ll be interesting to see what joints you pull out.

Hip hop & kicks go hand in hand!