Wednesday 3 November 2010

Long Live Hip Hop

Hey what's up hip hoppers! It's November already and Christmas will soon be upon us. 2010 seems to have passed real quick, as does every year when you get as old as I am. In fact 2011 is a memorable year for me as it will be my 40th on this planet, and despite my ageing limbs and grey hairs, I still love HIP HOP just as much as when I discovered it in 1984.
And one thing that always keeps me motivated is the amount of 30-something and 40-something hip hoppers out there that still dig this music and love the culture like I do.
Hip Hop isn't just another musical genre, it's a way of life for many people. We don't choose to be hip hop, hip hop chooses us. I simply cannot imagine my life any other way. It has been the biggest influence with the only exception being my parents - they brought me up, but from my teenage years onwards hip hop has been my mentor. If rappers retirement homes are the future, then I want in!

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