Wednesday 3 November 2010

gENSu dEAn + The Live Guy with Glasses

Ooowwweee another sureshot single is about to drop that you just don't wanna miss. Mr gENSu dEAn has teamed up with the live guy with glasses, namely LARGE PROFESSOR for some boom bap antics on 45rpm, but you gotta be quick these seven inch singles will be selling like hot cakes!
gENSu dEAn hails from Texas and is a producer extraordinaire, using his massive record collection and his trusty SP1200 to create new boom bap hits. The word here is longevity - he comes with no weak sauce just straight up butter beats for the MC of choice. You will no doubt remember he was the man responsible for the "Gone Diggin'" beat that OXYGEN used to tell his record diggin' stories. This time gENSu has teamed up with the man behind MAIN SOURCE and legendary dude EXTRA P.

"Who is gENSu dEAn? This question will soon be answered for those who are unaware! gENSu dEAn (aka lofi_ fINGAHz) may be Hip Hop’s best kept secret. Transmitting out of Texas like the great Dj Premier, gENSu dEAn utilizes a vintage sampler by Emu Systems called the SP1200 as his weapon of choice.
He explains "I consciously use a vintage machine that represents a classic HipHop era, but upexplains “I consciously use a vintage machine that represents a classic yet seemingly forgotten era in HipHop. But I try to update my approach in order to maintain relevance with today’s times.”
“FOREVER” is the lead single from his debut album titled “sTANDARd LIFe“ featuring Hip Hop legend LARGE PROFESSOR. Operating with the preservation of classic Hip Hop, this release will be a LIMITED 7” vinyl, to include a remix and bonus cut that will not appear on the album. In the midst of auto-tunes and ring tone rap, gENSu dEAn emerges. The winds of change are finally upon us."

Take a peep here

1. FOREVER feat. LARGE PROFESSOR by gensudean

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