Monday 29 November 2010

Mikey Destruction

Some MCs deserve more props than they currently get. When it comes to battle raps, not many can claim to be as clever in the battle itself as they appear to be on record. One man that meets both of those criteria nicely is MIKEY D, of MIKEY D & THE LA POSSE fame. But MIKEY DESTRUCTION to give him his full title wasn't just the cat who went on to replace LARGE PROFESSOR in the highly acclaimed group MAIN SOURCE, he was already a very established MC with several releases under his belt and a reputation to maintain. In fact LARGE PROFESSOR had years before as a kid been present at MIKEY D & PAUL C's studio sessions and learnt his art from watching those two. MIKEY was once a member of the CLIENTELE BROTHERS who rocked the Queens park jams back in the 80s, and who by 1988 had won the NMS World Supremacist MC title by beating MELLE MEL in the final. Plus he had worked with the legendary engineer/producer PAUL C on more than one occasion and became PAUL's MC of choice to work with. Now that's what I call pedigree. There's even talk of an un-released and now lost PAUL C & MIKEY D album - what's up with that?!?!
So it was great to see last year Pritt Kalsi's excellent KING OF THE BEATS organisation gave MIKEY the props he deserves and brought him over to the UK to rock some shows and host the continuing beat battle saga. When I talk of my favourite MCs of all time, the name MIKEY D is always high up on that list. Read all you could ever need to know about MIKEY D here in this superb interview by ROBBIE on WWW.UNKUT.COM.

MIKEY D live on Mr Magic's Show 1986


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