Wednesday 9 March 2011

DJ Dek One - Audio Violence

A few weeks ago I bumped into DJ DEK ONE in an East London record shop. Before a fight ensued over the funk 45 crates, I thought it best to make friends with my fellow break head and discuss beats, b-boying, the state of hip hop and things like that. Just like me he is partial to a dope jam that spins on 45 revs per minute, especially if there is some bare b-boy drums in the breakdown. In fact right now he has his "AUDIO VIOLENCE" mix CD on rotation right about now, full to the brim of secret squirrel beats for the circle. I gotta admit it has got me asking questions already. As the cover says it's "an hour of fresh rare brutal b-boy breaks recorded live all doubled up on 45rpm records Bronx style". Have a peep at the snippet below and then contact DEK ONE directly to get your copy for the mere price of £5 plus postage (or email him at oldskoolkool at yahoo dot co dot uk). And that's a small price to pay, cuz these ain't budget beats!

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Man is a pupil, pain is his teacher !!! said...

dope stuff i like your taste !! keep diggin