Monday 7 March 2011

Pause for the Cause

There's been a lack of posts here lately because I'm still suffering from a heavy flu 3 weeks after first coming down with it, so I ain't exactly feeling too "dynomite" right now. So to keep the crowd moving here's a re-up of our very first BREAKS FOR DAYS radio show. I'm sure a few of you remember this one, but I still find it an enjoyable listen myself. Check it out.....and I hope to resume normal service and be back with you real soon.
Also, within a few weeks I hope to have the FRESH SKI & MO ROCK interview ready for you to read. Those guys were an absolute pleasure to meet, and they gave me a real insight into the very beginnings of hip hop culture here in London. Lots of interesting nuggets of old school info, plus a few facts you will definitely not be aware of! Stay tuned y'all!

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