Saturday 4 June 2011

Breaks For Days Radio

Here's another dose of breaks beats and samples from the DAILY DIGGERS record crates to put a little pep in your step this summer weekend. This time there's almost ninety minutes of fun(k) starting off with an early 90s hip hop selection including LORD FINESSE, KRS ONE, TRIBE, DIAMOND D, KOOL G RAP, ROXANNE SHANTE and DA KING & I. And as usual half way through we flip the script and switch to breaks and samples with records from LES McCANN, BILL DEAL, HENRY MANCINI, THE GODFATHER JAMES BROWN and DAVID AXELROD amongst others. Are y'all ready??



Skeme Richards said...

Something fresh for my Sunday afternoon listening!


p.s.Supreme Dominion said...

"strictly no half steppin, press pray and repord!".

Peace Kid Dyno, soundin' tuff mate.

Jay-Zztop said...

giving this little winner a listen at the moment. nice selection of classic and lesser known ish - even the loop at the start is rocking.
keep 'em coming.

Daily Diggers said...

if Skeme says it's fresh then it must be, thanks homeslice.

Supreme Dominion ... thanks for checking in.

Jay-Zztop thanks for your comments, the intro beat is a DAILY DIGGERS headnodder, glad you like.


Mac McRaw said...

Yesh, yesh top selection Dom.