Wednesday 29 June 2011

District Line 1987

Here's some archive footage of an infamous BASH STREET KIDS party on the District Line in London whaay back in 1987. Simply take a boom box and 20 of your friends onto a tube carriage and hold your own underground party. It was also a welcome excuse for the writers to hit up the insides, and maybe cross the tracks for some daring outide tagging. All this while the train was still in service. You could never have fun like this now.


Repo said...

Christ, I don't think of myself as being old (well, I just reached a milestone earlier in the month, the one where life is supposed to start ;-) ) but this seems so long ago.
It's sad how in the name of progress we've actually moved backwards as human beings. Technology may be better than it's ever been but take away our gadgets and what do we have? Rules which keep us on a metaphysical lock-down each and every day.

Damn, if this is what it was like in the 80's (we didn't know how lucky we were) then imagine how much freedom there was in the 60's for our parents.

I'm not one for conspiracy and all that but think, maybe the government is 'feeding' us more gadgets to keep us lulled into a non-active state to stop us from thinking for ourselves and going all out to hit the system...

You know I'd be there on the frontline's my back, y'see, playing up again.

Wicked footage though.

Anonymous said...

Great find Dyno!

Repo- You've opened a can of worms there fella. Our nation is 'dumbed' down and this video clip is a little reminder of how it should be..

Everyday our liberties are taken away from us and before you know it.. it's too late!

Soul Safari

Anonymous said...

Heavy track, CRISP beats, can anyone let me know what the track is please?

Anonymous said...

According to Drax it a Kenny Dope beat off one of his Breakbeat comps. He says " the one with the yellow label" not that's a lot to go by..Haha but id like to know the title of this as well.