Thursday 7 July 2011

Sputnik Brown - Three Shades Of Black

Our long term followers will no doubt remember back in December 2007 when we gave you the heads up on SPUTNIK BROWN. At the time the New York crew were just about to drop their seriously dope "U Havin' Fun Yet" 12" single on HIGH WATER MUSIC. The single received great reviews from deejays and hip hoppers alike, and hip hop celebs like BOBBITO, LARGE PROFESSOR and DJ SPINNA tipped SPUTNIK BROWN to be the future of real hip hop music in this sea of wack shit we have to suffer daily.
Despite OXYGEN, HOWARD LLOYD, E THA 5TH, SLIM DONUTS, TRE BEST and DJ SHARK completing the "THREE SHADES OF BLACK" album project it was never given a vinyl release, or an official release come to that despite being scheduled for April 2008. The result of this was that a lot of fans of their original material left fiending for more of that quality SPUT boom bap, and unfortunately the group shortly afterwards went their separate ways despite remaining tight personal friends. Once again it seemed as if the politics of the biz had claimed another victim, and for me personally SPUTNIK BROWN was one of the few bright lights shining at the end of the proverbial tunnel. Luckily for me I hooked up with OXYGEN himself while he was over in the UK (see photo) and I am pleased to say that he is currently one of the hardest working men on the m-i-c as I write this with collaborations with some big names in the hip hop game (stay tuned for more news on this).
Recently OXYGEN decided it is time for the lovers of real hip hop music to hear the "THREE SHADES OF BLACK" LP in its entirety, so here it is for your listening pleasure - remember where you heard it first! This doesn't mean to say that it will never get a vinyl release, but it keeps the SPUT fans happy until it does.

To download SPUTNIK BROWN "Three Shades OF Black" click here

..and in the meantime enjoy "SUPER EGO" and "THE SPUTS" which incidentally is one of my favourite hip hop tracks of the last 10 years!




Mac McRaw said...

This is a quality album, more people need to be grabbing this while it's up.

Daily Diggers said...

so true Mac, it's been on heavy rotation here and now I need a vinyl copy. There is talk of a possible vinyl pressing which is good, let's apply the pressure where it's needed.



Traditional hip hop with a authentic sound. Can't understand peeps are sleeping on this one.