Monday 15 August 2011

Take Five Out & Chill To This

Recently I heard from KID GREBO of the crew BLAK PLAN IT giving me a heads up on a new video they've dropped for the track "Chill". You will remember KID GREBO is that slick dude who brought us the superdope and highly acclaimed "PAUL C LIVES" mixtapes from a few years back. If you slept on those mixes then you NEED to get your google in effect cuz KID GREBO dropped more jewels than a clumsy diamond thief!
BLAK PLAN IT are back with a mellow summer jammy to keep your heads bopping before Autumn sets in. This joint kinda reminds me of some PHARCYDE / SOULS OF MISCHIEF / MOUNTAIN BROTHERS type shit. Crank up the volume and open those windows!

Super shouts to KID GREBO and BLAK PLAN IT.

..and if you missed their previous dope joint "Everything's Blak" then peep this video...


SilentSomeone said...

Dope Blog. How do I get some music to you.Silentsomeone

Daily Diggers said...

hey yo thanks SilentSomeone. You can reach me at

kidbiscuit at hotmail dot com

If your new stuff's anything like your dope joint with Oxygen then you know I'm gonna dig it!!

props to you sir

peace from London