Sunday 18 September 2011

Big Daddy Kane "Ain't No Half Steppin'" REMIX

On the subject of remixes, here's an exclusive never heard before BIG DADDY KANE remix using the original "blind alley" sample but flipped DAILY DIGGERS style. It's more of a re-tweak than a remix - you just cannot f#ck with MARLEY MARL's original production so this was done in 2005 more as a homage to the original than as an alternative version. I would also like to say a big "word up" to JORUN BOMBAY as it is his recent re-production videos that inspired me to pull this out the shoebox and share with you. Props to KANE, MARLEY, MISTER CEE, SCOOB & SCRAP LOVER and all BDK affiliates.


Anonymous said...

damn! sick flip man, just made my night!

Anonymous said...

man i came across this a few weeks ago and i just cant get enough of it, sick flip

Daily Diggers said...

thanks man for taking time out to let me know. I'm pleased you dig it. I'm working on a lil somethin sonmethin as we speak. Stay tuned....Kid Dyno