Sunday 25 September 2011

Rap Professional Throwback Mix - AOL

I still think this is one of the best remixes of a LARGE PRO track that I can remember hearing. Perfectly executed by my homeboy AOL and first featured here back in February of this year.
I just wish the original release was of this caliber and then I would have bothered to by the record myself for the accapella. (I tend to buy any EXTRA P record I can get my hands on so that is unusual for me.) More recently I have heard some new tracks from AOL and trust me this kid is nice with his beats! I hope to be able to treat y'all to a little snippet of his new material real soon, but first here's a reminder of how he gets nice - turning a forgotten record into the classic it should have been.

1 comment:

RGCD said...

Oh yes! I really need a copy of this to drop in my sets - could you hook me up?