Wednesday 28 September 2011

Space Age Beats

An early influence of mine musically was a man named ROB HUBBARD. Now all you new jacks will be thinking "who the f#ck is ROB HUBBARD?" Well let me tell you this dude wrote, arranged and produced all his music by himself and was an inspiration to millions of teenagers in the mid 80s. Although I doubt very much you have a record by this man in your crates. In fact, no-one does. The reason being all his compositions were the music behind many of the COMMODORE 64 computer games available in the mid 1980s. You old school gamers will all know who I am speaking of and be aware of how clever this man was. HUBBARD explains it all in the last video. Thanks to James @ HEAVY STYLUS for the inspiration on this post! The first video below is CRAZY COMETS - considering this was 1985 this composition was musically brilliant and made the very best of the C64's limited sound ability. To play it now transports me back 25yrs and I feel like a kid again expecting Ma Dukes to bang on the door insisting I turn the sound down. The second video is for COMMANDO, a game that would occupy hours and hours of my time when it was released in the UK. As a 14/15 year old I was hooked on C64 games, and I even made my first ever hip hop beats using the COMMODORE together with a CURRAH SPEECH UNIT for vocal samples. Good times!


Anonymous said...

That were some good times ;)
My favorite Rob Hubbard tune is the opening music from W.A.R.

- Wonder Wazun

Skeme Richards said...

Excellent post KD!! The Commodore 64 definitely received many hours of my time playing games and on BBS's!


Daily Diggers said...

ah ha I knew you would dig this Skeme. Hence I was locked on to your site immediately when I see the C64 post. I loved those days of 1541 disk drives and Quickshot II joysticks.