Wednesday 2 November 2011

KFMP The Pioneers Hip Hop Show

The very first PIONEERS HIP HOP SHOW with WHIRLWIND D was aired last night on KANE FM. The Pioneers Hip Hop Show is all about shining a light on the old school - focusing on the artists and movements that created what is now the biggest selling music form world-wide. This first show is all about the early history of Hip Hop emanating from the Queensbridge Projects featuring records from MARLEY MARL's JUICE CREW all the way to NAS.

This show produced by Miracle 2011. Check the show out every Tuesday at 7pm UK time using the link above.


1. Roxanne Shante: Roxanne’s Revenge (first version taken from Mr Magic Show) (Pop Art, 1984)

2. Marley Marl & Mc Shan: Marley Marl Scratch (NIA, 1985)
3. Mc Craig G: Transformer (Pop Art, 1985)
4. Bizmarkie: Make The Music With Your Mouth Biz (Prism, 1986)
5. Juice Crew All Stars: Juice Crew All Stars (Cold Chillin’, 1987)
6. Big Daddy Kane: Raw (Prism, 1987)
7. Kool G Rap & DJ Polo: I Declare War (DWG, 2008)
8. Marley Marl: The Symphony (Cold Chillin’, 1988)
9. Ace n Action: Letter To The Better (Prism, 1989)
10. Tragedy: Arrest The President Remix (A & M Promo, 1991)
11. Nas: Represent (Columbia, 1994)

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Mac McRaw said...

Good show with some nice info I didn't know about ..props.