Wednesday 7 December 2011

Vinyl Veterans in Slovenia

Nice to see some of my fellow VINYL VETERANS namely MAC MCRAW, MATT THE HATT and ROB LIFE returning to SLOVENIA to rock some firing 45rpm funk at THE GREEN SUN last week. MAC McRAW himself has only just returned from a gig in BROOKLYN - it's good to see the crew getting some well deserved worldwide love.

If you are in need of furious funk and killer beats for your club, concert or venue (wherever it may be on the globe) then you can book the VINYL VETERANS team right here.


The Kool Skool said...

That is crazy! I find 45's are so annoying to play, always skip! That is super clean juggling!
Great find as always bro!

Mac McRaw said...

Cheers KD ..sure was a good night everyone rockin till six in the morning with no posers/hipsters in the place.

Even had people asleep in the club they don't care over their ..including Matt The Hat asleep in the DJ booth! ...Haha me & rob had it covered though.

Peace Kool Skool loving your work sir..real recognize real ;)

Also hoping to have some news for you on the DJ front soon KD.

Downstroke said...

Yeah, dope as always, Macca's always on point, and has a good sideline as a wedding DJ! Big respect to the dude.

Rob Life is equally nice as well, caught one of his sets recently and couldn't take my eyes off the decks. Lovely.