Wednesday 11 April 2012

2012 True School Park Jams

TOOLS OF WAR grassroots Hip Hop Presents The 2012 True School Park Jam Series bringing back to New York City the original vibe from the old school jams of the late 70s and early 80s. There will be park jams at White Park, Crotona Park, and St. Nicholas Park during the summer so make sure you check out at least one of these TOOLS OF WAR events if you are making a summer NY trip. Don't miss out on history being made and watch Noisemaker Media's coverage of the 2012 True School Park Jam Series (trailer below). Those legendary summers continue!


Banca dos B-Boyzz said...

Only da true funkerz playing ni dapark - Hip Hop wont die no more!

darrell d. said...

if you have never been to one of these jams i strongly suggest checking one out. it's like a hip hop dream come true. legends everywhere,not just on the bill.last year,the one i went to had rockin rob,red alert,& kid capri spinning but also hanging out at the jam was,
coke la rock
jazzy jay
lord finesse
tek from smif & wesson
dj scratch
cheryl the pearl
kool herc
reggie reg
tony tone
mean jean from the l brothers
ras kass
mike c

don't sleep on these jams!

Daily Diggers said...

hey Darrell great to see you up in here. I was hoping to be in NYC for this Summer's jams, but it looks like lack of funds will keep me from making it. It's been 16 years since I reached the home of hip hop so it's long overdue. I seriosuly hope to catch you there one day Darrell!

and yo have you checked my latest post ;o)