Saturday 7 April 2012

DWG Triple Threat

It may be the Easter weekend, but I'm celebrating a different occasion - DIGGERS WITH GRATITUDE have announced their "Triple Threat" release of records by SPUTNIK BROWN, JORUN BOMBAY and some heavy TDS MOB REMIXES. Anyone with their finger on the pulse of things will be aware of how f#cking dope JORUN BOMBAY's productions have been of late through his Youtube page and through word of mouth within the hip hop community. DWG were quick to recognise that JORUN's remixes were making people say "daaamn!" so they made contact and organised a package of record releases to keep the JORUN fans happy. As for SPUTNIK BROWN, one of the biggest upsets of the last few years was hearing that the SPUTNIK BROWN LP was to be released digitally but with no vinyl planned to accompany it. Once again DWG heard the cries of hip hoppers across the world and have put that right by putting together a selection of SPUTNIK BROWN joints on wax.
And finally DWG have also included in the "Triple Threat" weekend the release of the TDS MOB remixes that were created by DWG's own members. Do not sleep on this record as it has some incredible remixes from the likes of JORUN BOMBAY (you can never have too much of this man's beats) and the formidable DJ FORMAT. It is very rare that a remix is better than the original versions but if anyone can do it it is these two dudes.Get yourself over to DWG Big Cartel store to hear the soundclips and and scoop yourself some serious records this weekend!


Anonymous said...

Thanks So much for the feature. Appreciated homie!


Daily Diggers said...

Hey Jorun, I heard the Test Pressings a few weeks ago and this is one serious bundle of records. Anyone who has heard your stuff will no doubt wanna scoop this up real quick. It certainly deserves the hype it is getting so congratulations to you Jorun, if this was a basketball game they would say you "On Fire" brohan!