Monday 21 May 2012

You Know The Time

STEADY SERV ain't half stepping in this dope video with beat produced by ANDY C and cuts by TONE B NIMBLE. The production ain't super complicated on this unreleased CHICAGO joint from 1994 and SERV keeps it fairly plain and simple on the microphone, but this joint just has something special about it. Or maybe it's that catchy SLICK RICK hook that has me fiending for more. Even the video is understated and low key, with plenty of graff backdrops and Bruce Lee visuals - just how I like it. To quote a famous song "it ain't what you do it's the way that you do it and that's what gets results". You can now buy this track on vinyl through BLACK PEGASUS who have decided to release this and the other 2 tracks from STEADY SERV's demo tape. Here's what BLACK PEGASUS have to say.....

Once again the mighty Black Pegasus dusts off a holy grail that has been buried since 1994 in the Chicago hip hop demo shrine. This relic is the immortal "You Know the Time" EP by Chicago legend Steady Serv!! Back in the summer of 1994 the craft-matic lyricist, Stedy Serv, along with legendary producer Andy C. (BSTC, All Natural, Mary J. Blige Fame) and Superman DJ, Tone B. Nimble (All Natural Fame) whipped up a timeless piece of funky Hip Hop at United Technique Studios. This session manifested into a 3 track demo that was championed by DJ Kevin Beacham on his underground hip hop show "Time Travel Radio" on 89.3 FM WNUR and was certified "Classic". This 3 song demo cassette tape defined "boom bap" before it was "boom bap"!! Lyricist Steady Serv was dropping metaphoric intelligent funky flows over Andy C.'s soulful samples and hard drums on the sweet "life Of Luxury". The razor sharp scratch chorus from Gang Starr on the dark and eerie "Better Safe Then Sorry" is the epitomie of hip hop during this time. last but not least though and self titled track "You Know The Time" is a pure monster anthem!! Andy C's bass line chop from Bruce Lee's movie sound track "Enter The Dragon" will have you jumping in a mosh pit!"

Check out the video and cop the vinyl if you dig it using the link above. This one going out to all those crap rappers...!!


Anonymous said...

Really cool track! Thanks for highlighting.

You mean crab rappers though?! :-)

DJ Marc Davis said...

Enough respect for showing love for this classic joynt.


DJ Marc Davis/Black Pegasus

Daily Diggers said...

Hey Marc,

the video is great, and the tracks are dope for sure!