Friday 17 August 2012

Demon Boyz

I managed to grab a couple of these fantastic FOOTPATROL x NORMSKI x CLASSIC MATERIAL t-shirts at the launch on Thursday evening. I'm a sucker for BIG DADDY KANE music so I had to grab that one without question, and my other choice (it was a tough one!) was the iconic photo of UK rap legends DEMON BOYZ taken by NORMSKI in 1988.

If you are not from the UK and have never given the DEMON BOYZ material a listen then take my word for it and seek out their "Recognition" LP on MUSIC OF LIFE label (owned and run by SIMON HARRIS) if you want to check out some classic UK hip hop. For those who already LOVE the LP, check out the video below of an unreleased DEMON BOYS scorcher!
Thank you also to CAPTAIN SCARLET for the MUSIC OF LIFE and DEMON BOYZ memorabilia in the photo above.

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