Friday 17 August 2012

FootPatrol x Normski x Classic Material

The t-shirt launch at FOOT PATROL on Thursday was bionic! The garments were so fresh people were snapping them up like fresh loaves! It was good to see NORMSKI himself in fine form, and to catch up with some old friends and a few of my peers. It wasn't too long before Berwick Street W1 was close to a road block as the music pumped and the beers flowed. I would like to thank the CLASSIC MATERIAL crew for making fresh stuff like this happen (you know who you are fellas) and it was a pleasure to catch up with Normski, Mike Fresh, Mr Thing, JonnyRoast & JudyRoast, Jake (BBE), and Stickered Steve. I made a whole day of it and hit some record spots in the daytime, with some dope vinyl finds to show for my hard earned money.

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