Thursday 25 October 2012

Diggin' By Law

Remember back in the days when your Dad would take a day off work and hang a "gone fishing" sign on the garage door? Well ... now I'm the age he was back then, but it's a different sign which I'm hanging on MY door. I feel it's only fair to warn people that when I'm surrounded by records I completely lose track of what time it might be, hence my advice is not to hang around for me at my place but to come back later - much later. I won't be home anytime soon.

Going diggin' is my biggest vice, and has been since I was a teenager. So when I teamed up with GENSU DEAN and OXYGEN in 2010 on the 7" release "Gone Diggin'" in
2010 it felt really good to be involved in such an apt project for all of us. The track, I might add, still gets talked about amongst heads over two years later, so much so that SLICE-OF-SPICE RECORDS have re-released this crate diggers anthem on multiple vinyl formats with a GENSU DEAN remix and a DJ FORMAT remix with a beautiful picture cover designed by MR KRUM using DAN LOVE's amazing photography. If you missed the picture cover 7" the first time around then you would be outta your mind to miss this pressing! There are various choices of 10" and 5" vinyl and even a "Diggin' By Law" collectors bundle for those with an unhealthy vinyl obsession like myself. All records come with a promo 8x10 once again incorporating DAN LOVE's photography. Don't get caught sleeping on this impressive project - since the 7" release OXYGEN has become one of the hottest properties on the M I C. And don't forget where you heard his name first - DAILY DIGGERS y'all!

If you wanna grab yourself some limited OXYGEN vinyl then act with the quickness by clicking right HERE.

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