Thursday 25 October 2012

The Mighty Mo Rock

UK hip hop heads will know the name MO ROCK as one half of UK rap duo FRESH SKI & MO ROCK - a crew that set the standard for late 80s early 90s hip hop on these shores with classics such as "Talking Pays" and "The Day of Reckoning". If you wanna know more about the duo check out our INTERVIEW with them.

One thing that pleasantly surprised me on meeting MO ROCK was that he is still eager to make beats and I had to share this recent beat entitled "Pulpous Pot Dew #1" which he uploaded on his Youtube channel recently. This dude's history of sampling records and making beats is mad deep so don't be surprised if he drops more mighty MO ROCK beats in the future. Who knows? One day maybe we can convince him and FRESH SKI to get back in the studio one more time?

1 comment:

Agent Finch said...

Dirty raw head nod ish !

Get AG on this & it`s a heat rock!

Dope as hell beat, thanks for sharing KID.