Friday 26 October 2012

Skye on the Beats

I miss the days when my man SKYE was busy making beats on his SEQUENTIAL 440 drum machine. I've met many beatmakers in the flesh over the years but none have few if any have impressed me as much as SKYE.
He could churn out soulful beats all day in his SUITE EAST studio, and even finished recording an LP which never got to see the light of day. But where SKYE was the absolute master was when it came to drums. That dude had every conceivable drum break LP from every country you could care to mention. At Record Club it wasn't unusual for him to arrive clutching an armful of Hungarian rock breaks or a bag of Italian library LPs to die for. I'd like to give a big shout to SKYE ... and I've taken the liberty of uploading a couple of his beats for you to check out. Trust me, he won't mind.

SKYE - Hobo beat

SKYE - Imperial beat


Agent Finch said...

Ahhhhh man, SKYE got beats for weeks!!

These 2 beats are nice KID!

TCustomz (Producer) said...

Dope tracks. Keep the real Hip Hop alive!