Thursday 15 November 2012

Get The Message

At the moment I'm working on another break mix, which I should be able to share with you before the end of the year. This normally means I have my head down for the next couple of weeks selecting records, rocking the turntables and recording the results. But every so often I need to take a break from recording and get busy with something else. Hence I thought I would f#ck with this acapella version of GRANDMASTER FLASH & THE FURIOUS 5's classic "The Message" that's been staring at me from the front of the crate for the last few weeks. I've tried to keep this simple and not over-complicate things - if my own beats ain't kicking within a few minutes then I tend to lose interest, ditch the samples and start from scratch. There's no point trying to polish a turd! So here it is, my DAILY DIGGERS remix of the 1982 old school classic, put together over a couple of evenings. I've given it a 90's sounding Jazzy twist and arranged the vocals to please myself. It's like a jungle sometimes it makes me wonder how I keep from going under!

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Downstroke said...

That's dope dude! GMF & FF were my gateway drug into this whole hip hop thing. I saw Melle Mel & Furious Five perform in 84 at Crawley leisure centre when I was young'un, and that was it for me. Melle Mel is still in my top 5 MC's of all time.