Saturday 17 November 2012

Back To Burn pt.2

A lot of graff heads contacted me after seeing some of ORIGINAL GEE's miniature burners on steel which I posted earlier this week. It seems I wasn't the only one impressed by how authentic these trains look. this post title suggests I was waiting on my own ORIGINAL GEE train when I was writing the first part. The brief I gave GEE: I wanted him to paint a rusty grey train (with tags and throw-ups still showing) with the words "Back to Burn" and a couple of mean looking Goose-adorned b-boys either side. Here's what I got..... exactly what I ordered AND THEN SOME!! The barbed wire around the piece is genius. Get yours at ORIGINAL GEE's website and tell him KID DYNO sent ya! Click on the photo for an enlarged view.... you can almost hear the brakes screeching and feel the buzz from the third rail!


Anonymous said...

Dyno and Mr Met on the transformer boxes too, ill

Anonymous said...

zoots btw