Thursday 7 February 2013

Good Morning Vietnam

Oh man I'm so pleased I finally got my hands on the vinyl release of MF GRIMM and DRASAR MONUMENTAL's "Good Morning Vietnam" EP. From the moment I heard exclusive soundclips of this release sometime last year, I knew I was in for some 100 per cent real deal trooper music when it dropped. GRIMM and MONUMENTAL teamed up for this project during the end of last Summer and the musical chemistry between the duo was instant, as is obvious from the vibe of this EP. DRASAR has kept the beats rough, rugged and raw with no compromises in terms of his gritty VIETNAM CA. sound. If you want polished beats then go somewhere else - this is designed to make your speakers pop and hum and make your walls vibrate. To quote LORD FINESSE ... "Shit is real like a motherf#cker!"
From what I know, this limited 12" vinyl release was well on it's way to selling out without any soundclips even being aired, showing MF GRIMM's loyal fan base are still out there voting with their hard hustled money. If you want to grab a copy before they disappear for good then get over to the VENDETTA VINYL website with the quickness.

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