Thursday 7 February 2013

Gone Diggin': The Video

The long awaited video for OXYGEN's "Gone Diggin'" is finally here, with numerous Hip Hop aficionados making cameos in it including BREAKBEAT LOU, PHIL MOST CHILL, DJ SPINNA, FORREST GETEMGUMP, JARED (BIG CITY RECORDS), AMIR, K-PRINCE and others including my VINYL VETERANS buddy MAC McRAW. The video was filmed during the last (open) days at BIG CITY RECORDS store in Manhattan just before it closed it's doors for the final time (shouts to FORREST and JARED). The video also coincides nicely with the re-release of this popular diggers anthem on SLICE-OF-SPICE RECORDS on the 10" format with remix by GENSU DEAN who also produced the original version. The original "Gone Diggin'" 45rpm seven inch single that OXYGEN dropped was back in 2010 so it's fantastic to see people are still talking about this record almost three years later. Enjoy the video - and of course enjoy my cuts at the end!

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