Monday 17 December 2007

Beats on Toast

Ahhh yAWn! On a day when I have no work or other early morning plans (of which there are few) I like nothing more than to kick back, switch on the sampler, pull out some dusty reccuds, and flip a few early morning beats. I like to think of it as my "beats on toast" to start the day.

Our first ingredient is a horn burst, followed by a helping of atmospherics, served with a dusty breakbeat chopped in two for easy digestion. OK so this isn't exactly gourmet cooking at its finest, but it will help you start your day bright and cheery.
I follow this with a rich helping of sleazy sax, surrounded by snappy drums, with a hint of flute. Watch out for the hidden stabs!

Mostly, I like to serve it up on the plate within a few minutes. I try never to complicate things when cooking up a selection. Too many ingredients can spoil a dish!

So, pop a couple of slices of funk in yo toaster and enjoy!

breakfast #1

breakfast #2

and if you're still hungry?


Anonymous said...

To (sort of) quote that scene in Wildstyle "What, your sitting around your Breakfast table doing this sh* should be earning a medal for this...."

Nice work Kid - you need to get some of this on wax one day....

Pzzzz .

Anonymous said...

Or to quote Beat Street: Double K:"What's the big deal of eating oatmeal? when all I feel is tired for real" Ma Dukes: "Eat your eggs or I'll break your legs!"

Anonymous said...

hotness indeed, catch you in Stock soon...



rb said...

i like these beats... what sampler do you use?

if you have a chance check my soul and funk mix that I dropped today for the holiday:

have a safe new year!


Daily Diggers said...

Thanks guys for your comments. And Disc-Eater that comment made me LOL! I would love to get some of our beats on wax for day maybe?

Peace RD! It would be cool to hook up in the new year, and trade some dope sheeeet too yeah?

...and thanks RB for the funk mix which I will download later. Hope it's a as good as the last one.

...& those beats are flipped on a Akai RMX16 dj-friendly sampler. Punch & Go styleee!

keep it fresh in '08