Friday 18 January 2008

Nasty Nas Live on the Capital Rap Show

Hey people! Keeping with our recent theme of live emcee action, check out the new PADDYSHOP blog which is sure to bring us lots of Hip Hop goodness over the forthcoming months.
For a starter (and what a starter it is!) you can listen to an appearance by Nas (or Nasty Nas as we knew him then) on the legendary Capital Rap Show with DJ Tim Westwood (no right turns, no left turns, just straight ahead into the firing line!)
Recorded and broadcasted in '94, from a time when Nas sounded at his best IMO - he was still hungry at this stage. Recorded midway through promoting his incredible debut album "Illmatic". What a classic that was!!
There's also a great article taken from the very first edition of EGO TRIP mag, where Nas really speaks his mind. I have just realised this is over 14 years ago now. Damn how time flies!

Great post from PADDYSHOP - have a read, then a listen, and then do like it says...and "Bookmark This Sh*t!"

Kid Dyno

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