Wednesday 30 April 2008

Just Messin' with Beats pt7

"News from the East Sire - Rick the Ruler has returned!"

No doubt Ricky Walters aka MC Ricky D aka Slick Rick the Ruler holds a firm place in many hip hoppers hearts. His eloquent storytelling and the distinctive English twang to his voice made him stand out amongst many MCs enjoying a flourishing career in the late 80's. "La-Di-Da-Di" is still one of Hip Hop's greatest records....and it is even more amazing to hear it performed live. Just imagine 3000 Hip Hoppers who all know every word rhyming alongside Doug E's still even now incredible beatbox....while the Rickster performs one line, and then the crowd perform the next, and so on. It sends a shiver down your spine!

In homage to Slick Rick here's a little 5-minute beat and a Rickster accapella.

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abrotherwithsoul said...

Yo Dom,

this remix is dope!