Monday 22 December 2008

Lucky Dip Hip Hop

As our name suggests, there ain't a day goes by where myself or the BEAT DETECTIVE ain't rummaging through someone's dusty attic in search of a forgotten pile of records. Whether it be charity shops, collectors spots, car boot sales, or record shops...we have been there and we've seen it all. If I had a pound for every time someone said to me "I know of someone who has some old vinyl you might like..." by now I would be spending my weekends playing poker with Bill Gates and Richard Branson!
So as you can guess we've seen many deep crates, and played many a dusty record. I even know one spot where we used to take a bottle of water, a towel and some soap - so dirty was the digging you couldn't leave without a full scrub up! We would be covered head-to-toe in years of shit and dust (I now understand why my man Oxygen takes a mask on a diggin' mission!) But amongst that dirt in that one spot, I found some seriously hard-to-find hip hop that I haven't seen since. A couple of examples being BARITONE TIPLOVE - "Young Ladeeez..." 12" and C$ MONEY & DJ CHASE- "Ladies Can I have your Attention" 12" on TRUMPET RECORDS.
During most of my missions (I like to fly solo on digging raids) I am set on autopilot and hit the regular targets like a computerised drone. And I truly maintain sometimes the old spidey sense tingles and I can smell a nugget about to surface!
In fact Johnnyroast once caught me "powerdigging", as he called it, at KILBURN RECORD FAIR (yo hi Roastie!). Apparently I was excavating all crates in my path at a rate of knots. So I guess over the years, those same old LP covers become a blur and I tend to steam through them searching for something a little different or a record that I've never seen before. And of course the term "powerdigging" was born.
Whilst powerdigging" this weekend I came across a Hip Hip record from 1993 that I didn't recognise and knew nothing about, which is unusual for a rap fiend like myself. The artist name and title gave no clues, and to be honest it could have gone either way, but I risked less than a tenner (£10) based on the home made appearance of the label and the fact that the title track "Gotta Get Over" made me think JAMES BROWN. Nothing ventured, nothing gained, so I copped it.
By the time I got back to the lab, I realised there was no JB connection, but I still kinda liked this tune when I eventually spun it on the 1200s. It has that typical '93 bounce feel to it (put on ya Carhartt & Timbos!!) but with various cheeky horn riffs that make the beat dope. A Flavor Flav intro (incidentally recorded at Brixton Academy) and a quick drop of MOUNTAIN's "Long Red" drum break before the track kicks in. Some of the rhymes could have been better in certain instances, but on the whole a great early 90s independent effort on the CRIMINAL RECORDS label from CANADA. Have a listen for yourself... as far as I know B KOOL himself hails from Canada, recorded very little else, other than one track on a CD-only LP entitled SIMPLY MAJESTIC again from Canada. mmm this CD sounds dope....if anyone has a copy please let me know the deal?

B KOOL - "Gotta Get Over"



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Anonymous said...

He`s from toronto. He was also featured on the get loose crew ep in 1988. This single was produced by the guy who did the michie mee victory is calling 12".

As for the simply majestic stuff, i don`t think it would be to your liking. They were a dance / hip house outfit.