Sunday 7 November 2010

This Is It...!!

Classic STYLE WARS quotes...

"This is it! This is it!"

"Yeah I was there, I bombed it!"

"So who won the rockin' contest? Rocksteady or Dynamic?"

"...and after him Papa 184, then Junior 161, Cay 161 - they were bombing too"

"now you go the 2 yard its all destroyed, this guy named CAP with the Lucille Ball hairdo"

"He wants to get in and get out without even being noticed"

"I don't know, I'm not an art critic, but I can sure as hell tell you that that's a crime!"

"started in 1973 or 4, during very uh.. early years of uh... initial bombing, very important years of graffiti bombing"


FAB 5 FISHY said...

classic STYLE WARS quotes, surely?!


Leo Slayer said...

" DO doodle..."

Anonymous said...

My Mum was watching I Love Lucy when she was in labour, if I'd popped out as a girl, I woulda been christened Lucille, true story - Thank feck for that eh

'Scooby-Doo' indeed !

Hope yer both well


Skeme Richards said...

Who won the rockin' contest you ask?! Rock Steady Crew!!!


Anonymous said...

don't forget the ladies,"There was Papo,and the you had 2girls that were all-city,Barbara&Eva62.....cadbury gents from BethIsrael hospital(THIS extended stay,got me blogin'this is by far dopest 4element spot i've found)via ENY,it's BOE.

Anonymous said...

DOZE{Tc5,rsc}goes-"They looked like fairey's(lol)with their leg's flying in the air"-w/TakeOne{rip}observing with the winning smile,a tie my ass.Kenny woulda took whole crew out at 14.-i love this shit,and was front&center for LinconCenter,no poor judgement that night-peace to the ageing and still relevant bboys!-BOE

Anonymous said...

Got so geeked at “This Is It”(^^)that forgot to say Aeyo!Skeme.....wussup sir,how's things?!?!....Never touched a comp. til' hospital stay Mare&Kel always said “embrace the i-net.”With this site,i just might!!!! UK I Love,you deserve the respect of a HeavyBronxExperience>Gusto galore gents!!!!-BOE

Daily Diggers said...

^^ some great quotes fellas! Thanks to all of you.

Yo BOE i'm pleased that you've found this site and it is allowing you to indulge in the true school. It sounds like yopu have some great memories (Lincoln Center etc..) I wish you a speedy recovery and hope that we can keep you entertained while you are there. MARE and KEL were good to point you in the right direction.

best of luck to ALL of you guys

peace and blessings...Kid Dyno

Daily Diggers said...

"you gotta do everything...if you specialise in one thing you really cant call yourself an ALL OUT KING!"

Anonymous said...

Say Word.....gents,thank's for the welcome,and the quote^^above by the site.A most def.....Fave.Thanks again.&for the love on the.....recovery(speedy).Hope So.
sincerely,*****BOE***** ps-Kid Dyno-your killing it in music&well,“digging” dept. kudos to you,and this whole crew.Credit Where'Due!

Anonymous said...

Aeyo it's.....BOE....two thing's gents as i remain in awe of when quotes are read outloud.I Get goosebump's.
It's also allowed me,to spot{slept a minute,was content is so strong,&infectious.I smell rusto.Sureal}So on the good look,atop the post reads:Wild Style quotes.We all love that film too.I just don't think you want films being confused.They remain so relevant.Younger heds.If you find this sight,live on/&by it.

Also i didn't/don't(at hospital)have either film,anychance of a link for either?I also mention cuz' from bottem'to top(the quotes) i have id'd who said it starting at bottem(est) being #1-Zephyr
#2.- The Enemy,lol.nah,superintendent of mi bolas,lol.Nah,the MTA hechmen!!!!
#3.-DONDI(rip to Style Master General)king of KINGS and a really good dude!
#4.-my broham-MIN
#6.-p.a. mc at Jackson Heights,QU's united skates of america
#7.-Skeme Richards(one of the best to do this imho.)
#8.- *in unison*{no better feeling,anyone that's waited for the “it”,the There it is.With camer(s) in hand,after they're (flix) devoloped and secured in your photo album.You feel no greater high than that.}-the main voices-My mello MIN,IZ THE WIZ.....,
In addition the comment above my last one.Again MIN,he should of won an award.A people's choice,or something.
So for MIN&this Dynomite site,i must give 2 more fave's.When addressing SHY147(rip),&crew about CAP(that'd be the dude w/“the Lucille Ball hair-do”,lol,going over end to end's,&top to bottem full cars&full color burners)“no,Nah bro,cuz that's NEVER forgive action right their!!!!”
last one-“yeah,that looks better,now we just add a few lil DOO-DAD'S”-Seen to Duster(w/Henry relaying)-in reply.“What's a doo-dad?” Seen-shows what a doo-dad is,and thensome.
Thanks again family,you are keeping me very entertained.Your also doing essentialy.A wonderful.As well as most thorough history project.The puting names to list isn't much.Yet i hope anything i point out can help in some way.I'm definetly,along with a loco laundry list of lil' pj's i do on daily and it'll be doubled while in here.The thing i'd like to add/offer.Flicks?i still have many photo albums.I'd like to contribute something,to your crew for helping(sad it's needed,but i'm jubilant your providing)people do the KNOWLEDGE correctly
A Very grateful.....BOE
You may be interested off-site,as to why i'm in hospital.An epic of it's own.Kudos.....again,Gents.daily diggers>Gusto-*****BOE*****

Daily Diggers said...

hey Boe, hit me up at

and we can rap.

Kid Dyno