Sunday 16 January 2011

Word Association

Here's some dope word association cut & paste action by PRO CELEBRITY GOLF from CHOPPED HERRING RECORDS (remember he's the dude responsible for the incredible THREE SINISTER SYLLABLES mixtape along with Jay Glaze). What they've basically done here is to remix several rap bangers, and then create a slide show to represent the lyrics. Trust me it's fresher than I've made it sound. Artists include ULTRAMAGNETIC MCs, BEASTIE BOYS, BIG L, and NOTORIOUS B.I.G..
They know their sh!t so you can be sure their sample choices will be fly as hell for each remix, but thankfully they haven't neglected to include their trademark sense of humour. The question is .... can YOU keep up with the word association??
The CHOPPED HERRING boys are always mad busy especially when it comes to record digging, creating mixtapes, remixing etc., and they're now also putting out official unreleased material (DYSFUNKSHUNAL FAMILEE, PRINCE PAUL Horror City) on vinyl after building with some of their US connections. Check out their website using the link above, and enjoy the remixes and accompanying video.


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

fantastic wordplay.
hopefully more to come from these guys.

Gordon Shed said...

never less than hilarious!!!
there's a similar video for Out To Lunch by Jay Glaze and Rod Hotley which is well worth a look...