Tuesday 26 July 2011

Wanted! Vandy C Tapes

Please people I need YOUR help tracking down some vintage VANDY C & BIL BLAST 80s radio shows on cassette. You may remember the short but informative post about VANDY C that I did back in JUNE 2009 featuring some of his early productions. Well now I am searching for any old tapes featuring VANDY C himself or of his popular radio shows. This could be a WNYE show, Medgar Evers College radio station (91.5), or even a VANDY C with BARRY MASON & THE RHYTHM TEAM show. I'll take as many as you can send me.
If anyone out there has a C90 cassette stored away in a drawer somewhere with VANDY C on it I would be most appreciative if you could get in touch. Thanks a million.

Kid Dyno

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p.s.Supreme Dominion said...

Big request Dyno ditto on that one.
very underappreciated and how many great productions back in the 80s.
Those FREAK L 12s are excellent, Kid Flash album was slept on as for 'At A Jam'? bonkers toon.

love Vandy C beats. Never heard any of his NY radio shows. btw some old Hank Love D.N.A radio would be appreciated also.