Monday 31 October 2011

45 Mins of 45s

As much as I would love to, I simply don't have the time this month to record our regular radio show. So to keep your ears busy here's 45 minutes of 45s to get you live in the meantime. There's no special effects and no real theme here, just a handful of funky records. Get down.


Leo Slayer said...

slightly longer and more engaging than the 7 MINUTES of 7 INCHES mixtape that I just did in my head.
job's a good'un.

Daily Diggers said...

ha ha Leo you kill me. Good to see you on the check-in my friend. When you down in London next?

Mex Luthor said...

Dope selection my man, as usual.

JonnyC said...

So Dyno, the real question is when you gonna lay down some dope beats with all these samples your hoarding?

Daily Diggers said...

Thanks Mex especially coming from you.

Jonny, you know what you're right. I haven't been making beats for almost 2yrs through lack of inspiration. But you know what right now I'm just finishing a beat for ..... you'll have to wait and see.
But yo I hope to get fired up once this project is complete. Hope you are well Jonny, and hope I see you soon. And looking forward to that LP homey I know it'll be incredible!


p.s.Supreme Dominion said...

'Let the groove move ya' indeed, im on this KD bout to hit play on the box!



Anonymous said...

Love the first track!

It's a cheery little opener..


Mac McRaw said...

What Mex said & yes DD beats are coming on vinyl soon!

Anonymous said...

nic3 alter from the states