Tuesday 3 July 2012

Nas + Extra P + No I.D.

Great to see NAS working with LARGE PROFESSOR once again, this time on a new banger from NASTY NAS produced by NO I.D.. When NASIR JONES comes correct and has the right producer he is as good as they get, and I still rate "Illmatic" as one of the most eagerly awaited LPs of it's time. I remember the buzz in 1994 before that LP had dropped and we were all on the edge of our seats waiting to hear what this young MC would do next. Ok so the rest of his career was maybe not as memorable, but I still believe NAS has it within him to drop another classic 100% hip hop album. And with SALAAM REMI on production with a few joints from people like NO I.D., PREMO, EXTRA P, PETE ROCK it would be a surefire winner. Just do it NAS.

Loco-Motive feat. Large Professor (Produced by No I.D.) by Nasir Jones


ComputerLee said...

Weird why you would rate Illmatic as an eagerly awaited LP rather than just one of the best LP's full stop, does that mean it didn't live up to the hype? Surely you don't rate an LP on how much it was eagerly awaited but on how good it actually is?

I think the production on this track is too overproduced, Nas is such a skillfull MC that really a more raw sparse beat would let him shine better, this music has nothing on any early Nas or Extra P production and really makes me miss them good old days even more!

Daily Diggers said...

Hey ComputerLee thanks for taking the time to drop a comment.
I DO rate ILLMATIC LP very highly indeed, but the point I was trying to make is how much anticipation there was before the album dropped following the brief glimpse of Nasty Nas on "Back to the Grill" and "Live at the BBQ".
I guess I should word things better.