Tuesday 31 July 2012

Support Your Record Shops

The recession bites again as I hear the sad news that BIG CITY RECORDS in NYC will be closing it's doors. It's a sad fact when any quality record shop closes in these harsh economic times, but the fact that a store as revered amongst record collectors as BIG CITY cannot survive even in New York City is an upsetting reality. If you speak to anyone about digging in New York then that particular shop, and the respected collectors who worked there, was always mentioned very high up on anyone's list. And when people tell you stories about BIG CITY RECORD store in the future it will include tales of finding a rare gem whilst standing next to LARGE PRO, DJ SPINNA, or PREMO, or whichever hip hop personality was frequenting the shop at that time. In other words, BIG CITY was the store of choice for artists as much as the avid collector. I KNOW I am right when I say BIG CITY RECORDS Manhattan store will be greatly missed. A huge shout to JARED JBX (thanks for the interview and for being such a gent) and to that turntable wizard and beathead extraordinaire FORREST GETEMGUMP. Keep spinning fellas, and I'm sure you will find yourselves surrounded by rare vinyl in your next adventures. Best of luck to all involved, and most importantly .... SUPPORT YOUR LOCAL AND NATIONAL RECORD STORES people!! There is no feeling, I REPEAT there is NO feeling like getting your hands dirty going through a box or ten of records!! No amount of web searching and keyboard bashing will EVER give you the same feeling. Who knows what you may find?


Anonymous said...

It really pisses me off

Anonymous said...

Sad news, great store brought a few gems in there last year.

Anonymous said...

The Dynamic Duo in that pic for sure. I'm really sad about this. Jared and Forest hooked me up with so many treats. One love Big City Records. You were the best record store in New York City!!!

Daily Diggers said...

This is definitely sad news for vinyl junkies. I have only ever heard great stories about that shop, and never any negative.
I interviewed Jared for this site back in 2010 and he was nothing but a true Gent.


And Forrest, well he's a damn demon on the breaks and again a super nice fellow.

The Dynamic Duo indeed! Well said!

Good luck to both of them from Kid Dyno.