Wednesday 19 December 2012

King Asiatic

New York production duo FREQNIK & WDRE are back with some more dope on plastic to follow up their "Favela B-Boy Funk" 45 that dropped in September. Although this time around they have given us a new twist on BIG DADDY KANE's monster classic from 1988 "Set It Off". The FREQNIK & WDRE remix is a nod of appreciation to the "golden era" of Hip Hop music and to KANE himself, and will no doubt fill the dancefloor just as "Favela B-boy Funk" does!
It always surprised me that "Set It Off" never received a proper US release on 12" vinyl despite the UK COLD CHILLIN' department being happy to release it on both 12" and 7" format (both now very collectable). "Set It Off" was always a huge record here in the UK, and for those that got to see KANE perform the track live in London it only cemented it's appeal on UK shores. Hence it's good to see FREQNIK & WDRE give "Set It Off" some proper love. You can grab a copy here in the UK through JUNO, or through DUSTY GROOVE or DOWNTOWN 304 in the US.

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Mex Luthor said...

Nice to hear another remix of this Dom, like it. No disrespect to FREQNIK & WDRE, but I think I prefer the Daily Diggers remix! Must dig out the version I did, it's on a hard drive that has some problems, but hopefully I'll be able to rescue it. Although NO-ONE will touch the original - Nobody's Equal :)