Monday 26 November 2012

Me & The Biz

They say the oldest jokes tend to be the best ones - it seems that the diabolical BIZ MARKIE would agree with this statement. Now we all know that BIZ MARKIE likes to joke and sometimes poke fun at record diggers about "what he got" in his vast record collection (and not to mention his other collections). Well, this weekend I was also initiated into the "I've been caught out by BIZ MARK" club. A few months ago on Facebook I posted pictures of my original 45s from the ULTIMATE BREAKS & BEATS series which I also featured HERE. It transpires that BIZ himself caught sight of the photos and he proceeded to leave this comment.....

C'mon BIZ, do you really think you would fool me that easily? I've never seen a copy of BOB JAMES "Nautilus" on a CTI 45rpm single, and I'm damn sure if one existed I would have either seen a copy, or have been told about it by one of my many record diggin' colleagues. But, fair play to BIZ, he had me reaching for a Google search just for a second there ... checking that I hadn't been sleeping on a "Nautilus" 45 for all these years! Almost BIZ ... almost!

If you KNOW of or even OWN an official copy of "Nautilus" on a 45 7" single, then PLEASE do get in touch through the usual methods. Damn you BIZ!

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

There's a 12 inch for it (but its a 2012 boot and even though its on CTI its not official and not recognized by Creed Taylor)

I think Biz is just pulling your leg.